Music Tuition

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Guitar, Bass, Drums and Theory

I first started teaching music nearly 30 years ago while I was still in my teens - and to some extent I've been teaching ever since.

I was taught as a Drummer by a top session player in London in the 70's and 80's, and the methods I learned as a drummer I have transferred into both Guitar and Bass tuition.

Technique is really important, I spend a lot of time with my students on this. Even if you know exactly what note you want to play, with poor technique it will always be hard to achieve.

Everything we play is written down (unless we're working on Improvisation). So students have to read. that doesn't always mean standard notation (like piano music), but if it isn't written down then the student must rely purely on memory, and that's not a reliable way to learn.

Theory is important. How do you know what note to play? Because you understand how music works, not because you can remember every note and finger position by rote.

But at the same time, music has to be fun, and it has to relate to the real world that most musicians have to exist in.

I teach a wide range of styles from Rock and Pop, to Latin Country and Jazz.

Prices are £20 per hour, £10 per half hour.

All levels of ability catered for. Rockschool available on request.